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Company Overview

Avetak Oy is a Finnish industrial company that provides customer-centric services based on industrial needs. The founders of the company had a strong desire to develop a new digital service tailored to industrial requirements, driven by various inefficiency-related ideas that were put on paper in 2014. In 2015, the concept was refined to work on cloud platforms and the web. By the fall of 2016, our web browser-based service, e-palkki® (, was launched, offering a free service for competitive bidding and manufacturing work from a range of industrial sectors.

The core of the e-palkki services is anchored by experts in the metal and mechanical industries. Drawing on their extensive work experience and expertise, Avetak Oy operates as a personalized service provider and industry expert through the e-palkki services, catering to individual industrial needs.

Over the years, Avetak operations have experienced steady growth. The company has two offices, both located in Mäntsälä. The workshop and design office are situated in Sälinkää, while the Modular Production/Office is located on the Veturi industrial area. Our workshop production provides comprehensive services from design to execution.

Our strengths lie in personalized services, method design, 3D drawings, manufacturing methods, material knowledge, cost-effective solutions, and technical method and manufacturing solutions.

In addition to our main services, we are engaged in product development and offer marketing services, as well as our own product line under the TI-FA product and development service. TI-FA products are divided into interior and industrial categories, all manufactured from metal.

As a company, we aspire to be a reliable partner, providing added value and cost-effective solutions to all users of our services, from the beginning to the end and beyond.

Customers are of paramount importance to us, representing reliable partnership, loyalty, good communication, and adherence to common rules. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of our operations. Avetak Oy encourages you to boldly reach out for any industrial method and design needs, as well as business-related requirements!

Media Service

Through our media service, media representatives can access contact information and current updates directly from Avetak Oy’s personnel, press releases, and image bank. We are available on weekdays from 08:00-16:00. You can reach us via email at

Media representatives can also contact Avetak Oy’s Marketing Director, Helmi Laitinen, directly at phone number 0401628080 or via email at

Press Releases

Our press releases contain the latest information targeted towards the media. Media representatives are welcome to use these releases for appropriate publications with the appropriate permissions.

OPEN POSITIONS (updated July on , 2023)

Production Worker


Work Planner for Machine Shop

Project Manager

Positions will be filled as suitable candidates are found.

Avetak Oy is an industrial production company located in Mäntsälä, offering an exciting work environment. The roles at Avetak are well-suited for those with experience in the industrial sector, individuals with relevant education, or those interested in a career change.

At Avetak, we engage in technical and physical production work. Employees receive training and, if necessary, additional education to perform their tasks effectively.

We value proactive and self-driven individuals. If you’re seeking employment, internship opportunities, or extra income, don’t hesitate to get in touch and inquire.

For more information about the positions, please contact Helmi Laitinen at +358 40 162 8080, and feel free to send an informal application to

Best regards, Avetak Oy