Production - Toimialoina käytössä ovat metalli, koneistus, sähkö, kumi, muovi ja konsultointi.
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Production is roughly divided into three different areas. Machine shop production has been significantly expanded through contract partnership as well as new customers.

Our commitment to quality workmanship and reliability has become the cornerstone of our operations. Machine shop production, coupled with individualized and solution-oriented method design, offers numerous opportunities for the technology and construction industries, as well as contract manufacturing clients.

In modular production, we manufacture technical space modules for the construction industry. TI-FA is our company’s proprietary brand and production, with product manufacturing based on metal production for both the private and public sectors.

Our overall production is responsibly high-quality and efficient. We operate in extensive 3000m² production facilities, which include:

  • Assembly hall
  • Machine shop production
  • Wet paint booth (400m²)
  • Automatic powder coating line (max.piece size 600mmx600mm)
  • Module factory
  • TI-FA production

Our production is managed by a production control system, and we adhere to the ISO 9001 quality standard in all our operations.

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