TI-FA production - Toimialoina käytössä ovat metalli, koneistus, sähkö, kumi, muovi ja konsultointi.
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TI-FA production

Timeless, Strong, and Quality

The brand TI-FA originated with the production of our first steel product, a fireplace hearth plate, in 2016. We wanted to establish a distinct brand from the very beginning that would be recognized for our products and their quality. Thus, TI-FA was born, derived from the words “Time Fast,” signifying a quick turnaround. We have been implementing this concept since 2016. Keeping our promised timelines is a priority for us. “In December 2016, an idea meeting took place by the fireplace… conversations, ideas, and numerous thoughts were flowing, some exciting yet challenging insights that we could later explore. However, amidst all this, thoughts started forming about what our TI-FA products should be. The best words to describe TIFA products are simple, timeless, and strong. Our gaze was caught by the flickering flames in the fireplace and slowly moved downward towards the floor… until I found myself constantly fixating for a single point… the thick decorative stone tile in front of the fireplace. Ideas started taking shape… something different, something simple, something that adds value to a significant purchase, something decorative, something innovative… and thus, the first TI-FA product was born, the fireplace hearth plate, with these descriptive words. We created a product that stays in place without screws, is visually  durable, and a decorative Finnish product.”

“To make TI-FA products more recognizable, we have an aluminum TI-FA logo on our products, symbolizing durable, robust, and high-quality Finnish work.”

Our product development and design processes often start from gaps in our product lineup and our own inspirations. In the design phase, we aim to create products that can serve various practical purposes while ensuring functionality and durability.

Over the years, we have expanded our product categories. Currently, TI-FA production is broadly divided into industrial and home categories. Many of our products are made-to-order and individually tailored to serve customers.

Our popular TI-FA handrails have been designed with smart solutions, taking aesthetics into account. TI-FA production operates efficiently under our own workshop. We serve both the private and public sectors, meeting a diverse range of metal production needs. Our service focuses on providing the customer with design and execution.

Our standard products are available in the TI-FA online store, while custom orders can be placed via email at avetak@avetak.fi and phone at 020 7 181 570. From the TI-FA online store, you can purchase home decor items such as our popular steel fireplace hearth
plates, aluminum firewood carriers, serving trays, and metal chalkboards.

Visit the TI-FA online store and explore our offerings!

You can also see images of our products, which our customers need and purchase, on Instagram under the username @avetakoy.

TI-FA Industrial Products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Our product categories encompass

auxiliary elements and tools used in industrial production, often including custom products that enhance

production processes. We also produce industrial products in both small and large scales in Finland.

The TI-FA industrial products category includes:

  • Rotating tables and receiving tables (excellent for prefab housing companies for foundation construction and hydraulic rotation of finished elements)
  • Jig tables (setup tables, excellent for precision manufacturing)
  • Products made from COR-TEN steel (facades, planters, and planting boxes)
  • Laptop carts (for educational institutions and offices)
  • VAK Pallets (for storage and transportation)
  • Tools (for industrial production; large and small tools)
  • Cleaning carts
  • Tool walls
  • Industrial workstations
  • Laser-cut facade panels
  • Laser-cut logos, brands, and patterns
  • Illuminated signs, signs, enclosures

All TI-FA industrial products are designed and made in Finland, and they cater to a wide range of industrial

needs, offering both standard solutions and customized products to improve efficiency and functionality.

Timeless Metal Elements for Your Home

Introducing TI-FA’s popular steel railings (galvanized and painted)

TI-FA Interior Staircases (steel)

TI-FA Exterior Staircases (custom-made in various designs) Handrails (steel, stainless steel)

TI-FA steel fireplace hearth plates

TI-FA aluminum panels

TI-FA round chalkboards

TI-FA round serving trays

TI-FA Cor-Ten planting troughs / fire place

These products embody the essence of timeless and bold design, providing a variety of metal elements for your home. From sturdy steel railings to stylish and functional interior and exterior staircases, handrails that combine durability and aesthetics, to eye-catching steel fireplace hearth plates and artistic aluminum panels. The TI-FA
collection also includes unique round chalkboards and serving trays, along with distinctive Cor-Ten planting troughs and fire pits that add character to outdoor spaces.

We extensively produce products to order, tailor-made to suit our customers’ preferences!

For custom orders, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of RAL color shades.